BJPs' (British Journal of Photography) Katie Pool attended the talk at Photofusion in September about how to best submit exhibition proposals to Galleries and offers her thoughts on the BJP website. Link.


As part of Photofusions ongoing members events programme, Carole Evans and myself will be doing an informal talk about how to best submit exhibition proposals to Galleries. The talk will show examples from succesful proposals to Photofusion, including Sight, Unseen. Link here.


The images from French Mottershead's Beyond The Threshold (Photos: French Mottershead and Adrian Wood) are now up outside the Photographers Gallery building on Ramilies Street whilst the new building developments continue. Great to be involved in such a collaborative and community based project where the final results are easily accessible to the masses. Beyond the Threshold is now available to purchase from the The Photographers Gallery Bookshop here.


Aperture Gallery in New York conducted interviews with several of the Regeneration photographers including myself as part of ReGeneration 2 launch at the Aperture Gallery in New York. Link here.


ReGeneration 2 Tomorrows Photographers Today is available to buy via Thames Hudson. Aperture have published the book in the US. Widely available for purchase. I'm on page 43!


News Archive
Sight, Unseen at Photofusion gallery. Curated by myself and Ellie Davies. Talk with Art Critic Lucy Soutter. Link.